Best technological inventions of 21st century

1) GPS (Global Positioning System)

The idea of GPS had spawned back in 1974. US Department of Defence developed this system to overcome limitations of age old navigation systems. GPS identifies the geographical location of its receiver using satellites in space. The foothold of GPS is wide-spread from Astronomy to Agriculture.

Roger L. Easton of the Naval Research Laboratory, Ivan A. Getting of The Aerospace Corporation, and Bradford Parkinson of the Applied Physics Laboratory are credited with inventing GPS.

In 2005 with the launching of first modernized GPS satellite, it became commercially available for general use. Today we find GPS in mobile phones, tables, laptops and many other electronic devices.

2) Social Networking

We cannot link social networking to one single platform. Initially we had an option of telephone for communication. Modern social networking however started with websites like Friendster, Orkut, MySpace etc. Even though success of those initial websites were short-lived, the epic idea changed the life of every individual on earth.

Basically we are all connected to one another now directly or indirectly.

Today, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest etc. has took social networking to much higher level than we could have ever imagined.

We all believe, Sharing is Caring, isn’t it?

3) Touch Screen

Fed up by the irritating button sounds? Here we have touch screen. No noise, only fingers. Yes, touch screen is one of the most heavily used inventions of recent decade.

Mobile, laptops, tablets, printers, desktops, education kiosks etc. all kind of electronic devices has touch screens now. Apple has credit to launch first touch screen mobile without any external source of screen touch. This made stylus out of fashion. Mostly extinct.

Touch screen had forced world’s biggest technology providers to rework on their products design.

4) Mobile Operating System

Android and iOS are two major mobile operating systems right now that dominates the world. They have technically made world’s maximum population dependent on them. These operating systems reached to the peek where their predecessors such as Symbian, Blackberry OS etc. failed to do.

App Store comes with all king of applications from morning alarm to good night prayer. It is like whole world is within your hand’s reach. A John Doe can count on how much steps you have walked in a day or how much water he should drink in a day. Damn! That is so tad awesome.

In a 6 inch device you control everything from social media, gaming, entertainment, TV channels and much more.

Simply Amazing!

5) Artificial Heart

First implemented to a patient in 2001, AbioCor artificial heart was free from any external wires or tubes to run it. The energy to run this heart comes from battery that was charged through an energy transmission process. The original version was limited in terms of operational use. While the second version had life up to five years.

There are cases where certain patients who were expected to be dead in one or two months lived more than two years.

The goal behind this invention was to develop a heart that could live more than a life of a human being.

6) YouTube

The invention of YouTube is evolutionary. Everything captured in a video can be shared to your mass (subscribers). World is your audience. Views of the world witnesses the magic of your camera. All you need is one account to store all important events of your life.

YouTube had turned out be million dollars income earners for few YouTubers. It is one of the most important face of social media too. For companies, it is a video platform sound enough to reach to your customers in few minutes. YouTube’s popularity is pacing up day by day in or out of online community.

7) Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is the fastest developing concept of 21st century. What if your entry into your room tells your air condition to switch on automatically? Sounds terrific, right? Internet of Things is such an innovative subject that has caught the heat of discussion in current era. The moment you sit in your car, it starts automatically by authenticating correct password is an awesomely amazing thing. IoT converts everyday devices to simply talk with each other. In technical terms, the exchange of data between those objects become easily possible.

Moreover, IoT will help your service providing company to learn your pattern of shopping, living and habits. The day is not far when things get shipped directly to your home before you know you had to order.

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